Six in SL

/me blows dust off of ancient journal.

You know you've been away from your journal a while when you come back and find four new posts lodged in the spam trap.

My 6th rezday is Wednesday. I've decided to see if I can carve six hours out of my day to spend in SL, as an abbreviated version of the 24 Hours in Second Life I did earlier. (There's a tag for it in this blog, if you want to see how it went.) If I can get my Twitter account going (@cyfishy, by the way) I'll set up a #6inSL tag for it as well.

Maybe I'll start by linking to this blog post . . .

Slipping back in...

I slept, but I'm awake again.

Once again, Beginning and I are kept apart by viewer trouble. There is a solution I hope to rig up soon, though.

What's left of the world now that I'm back in it?

Visitor #13

This morning I teleported to Khanada.

I didn't think I'd ever be able to honestly type that sentence.

Access is currently limited to those who were invited as members of the Duran Duran Group (which still exists!) The doors apparently open one week from today. My thoughts (and screenshots) will be blogged here somewhere after that point. No fair in teasing about it.

But I will say . . . it's very, very strange that the original reason I signed up for Second Life is coming back to haunt me at a time like this.

The Quantum State

What I saw when I left.

What I saw when I returned.

Miles showed up and used her powers to sculpt the land like sand castles, spiking the ground into mountain peaks where we sat and had tea.

It wasn't quite the same.

Quantum Acres, where Miles' house is, remains intact for now. We hope to find a new location for Social Butterfly :)i(: but for now our listings on SLMarketplace are still up and available.

I know this world to be an especially ephemeral one at times--castles vanish, avies stop logging in and entire landmasses can disappear. So I take it in stride when something like this happens. But Quantum Fields was one of the first places I'd come to when Miles was introducing me to the wonders of the grid, and I will miss it.